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Platform for the food industry

Cooperation with a UK based start-up Cluiid, makers of MyPlateSpace, ‘field to fork’ platform for the food industry. An all purpose global application for food producers, food outlets and food consumers.

  • Industry: Food sector
  • Technology: AWS (Amazon Web Services), TypeScript, NodeJS, AmazonDynamo DB database.
  • Customer: SOFTIQ & Cluiid for MYPLATESPACE


MYPLATESPACE is an Industry 4.0 app for the food industry based on a next-generation serverless architecture that creates awareness of the food people eat. A foodtech marketplace that connects the entire ecosystem of growers, producers, suppliers, food companies and customers.

MYPLATESPACE is designed to make the flow of information faster, easier and more reliable.

People are increasingly interested in healthy food, organic products and veganism. They demand transparency in the ingredients used and want to choose according to their lifestyle, diet, religious beliefs and sustainability. They simply want to know what's on their plate.

The biggest challenge was to extend the technology we wanted to use and create an app for 3 types of users: Food suppliers (local, regional and national), food operators (restaurants, ghost kitchens, care facilities, hospitals, schools) and consumers.


In the application, it is also possible to check the availability of products in the region - so the manager can plan his purchases precisely.


  • Product management
  • Generator for recipes and dishes
  • Label crafter for manufacturers to support product marketing
  • Menu creator for restaurants
  • Recipe and stock control
  • Sharing of QR codes
  • Real-time tracking of product availability
  • Real-time access to customer order information
  • AI allergen detection


At Softiq, we work according to the Scrum methodology. For most projects, we work in an agile way on the basis of drafts. This method enables the team to organize itself and thus increase its efficiency and shorten the delivery time of the finished product, which is very important for both us and the customer.

The implementation of the project in phases:

  • Brainstorming, planning
  • Figma mockups, creation of user stories, determination of the app's core functionalities
  • Analysis and setup of the AWS
  • Design implementation
  • Fine-tuning of details and optimization

Project success

  • Consumer benefits: promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing satisfaction and confidence
  • Economic success: increasing sales in the industry and supporting local businesses and food producers
  • More digitalization also means more transparency: design and distribution of food labels (local, organic, religious, kosher, halal) and the use of food quality certificates
  • User acceptance: quick setup of the app, user-friendly interface and easy integration with multiple devices

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